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Our Mission

Nelo Health care services  Inc. was created with the hope of providing a caring and compassionate hand to individuals in need.
Whether your loved one is recovering from an acute illness or requires assistance with managing a chronic condition, we at Nelo Health care services  Inc. are committed to helping the client achieve their maximum level of function and independence in their home.

We believe professionally managed home health care provides continuity of care, promotes patient dignity, and returns clients to their optimum health in the security and comfort of their residence.
We believe in the basic rights of all patients to receive competent nursing care. With the help of our skilled medical staff, our focus is to enable patients to lead healthy active lifestyles, maintain self-respect and independence, and to improve our clients quality of life.




We are happy to serve you in your need to have quality healthcare services.


Nelo Healthcare Inc. is licensed by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services and certified by Medicare.


If you or your loved one feels that our services would be beneficial, Nelo Healthcare Inc. will provide you with a free initial consultation by a registered nurse.