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Nelo Health Care Services Inc. invites you to experience a healthcare service that is excellent and


Criteria for Admission

Admission to Nelo Health Care Services Inc. is determined by a recommendation of a physician, based on the needs of the patient.
Insurances accepted by Nelo Health Care Services Inc. will generally reimburse for the patient's healthcare provided that the following conditions are met:

  1. The patient must be home-bound. This means that the patient has an illness, an injury or a condition that hinders him/her from leaving home concerning his/her need for safety. An amount of effort is considerable to leave home safely without the assistance of another person. The patient is also considered home-bound if they leave home only when accompanied with a state licensed/certified and/or accredited adult or day care program to attend a religious service or to participate in a therapeutic, psychosocial, or medical treatment. Patients who can drive despite their condition is not considered home-bound.
  2. The patient must have experienced a recent illness or injury that has become worse causing his/her condition which now requires the care of a skilled healthcare professional. This is referred to as "skilled care".
  3. The patient must be under the constant care of a physician who has advised the treatment or services to be provided. The services must be necessary for the patient's medical needs and should be specifically identified.
  4. The care must be provided on an intermittent basis. Medicare will not be responsible in paying for our health care staff to stay with the patient for an extended time we will visit the patient for the length of time it takes to provide the specific treatment ordered by the physician.